OpenVDB  9.0.1


OpenVDB AX is an open source C++ library that provides a powerful and easy way of interacting with OpenVDB volume and point data. The software strives to provide a concise, fast, highly parallalisable and portable solution to performing custom manipulation of OpenVDB data via an expression language: AX. AX expressions are JIT-compiled and used in combination with a multi-threaded execution framework, specifically designed for VDB, that in many cases rival custom C++ operators.
OpenVDB AX is maintained by the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF). It was originally developed at DNEG primarily by:
  • Nick Avramoussis
  • Richard Jones
Other notable contributors include:
  • Francisco Gochez
  • Matthew Warner
  • Dan Bailey
  • Todd Keeler
  • James Bird
  • Harry Biddle


The doxygen documentation provide information on both AX as a language and the developer documentation for OpenVDB AX as a C++ API. There are two main sections:
Some additional quick links to useful subsections of the documentation are also provided: