OpenVDB  9.0.1
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LeafManagerImpl< ManagerT > Struct Template Reference

#include <openvdb/tree/LeafManager.h>

Public Types

using RangeT = typename ManagerT::RangeType
using LeafT = typename ManagerT::LeafType
using BufT = typename ManagerT::BufferType

Static Public Member Functions

static void doSwapLeafBuffer (const RangeT &r, size_t auxBufferIdx, LeafT **leafs, BufT *bufs, size_t bufsPerLeaf)

Detailed Description

template<typename ManagerT>
struct openvdb::v9_0::tree::LeafManagerImpl< ManagerT >

This helper class implements LeafManager methods that need to be specialized for const vs. non-const trees.

Member Typedef Documentation

using BufT = typename ManagerT::BufferType
using LeafT = typename ManagerT::LeafType
using RangeT = typename ManagerT::RangeType

Member Function Documentation

static void doSwapLeafBuffer ( const RangeT r,
size_t  auxBufferIdx,
LeafT **  leafs,
BufT bufs,
size_t  bufsPerLeaf