OpenVDB  9.0.1
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FastSweeping< SdfGridT, ExtValueT >::DilateKernel Struct Reference

Private class of FastSweeping to perform multi-threaded initialization. More...

#include <openvdb/tools/FastSweeping.h>

Public Types

using LeafRange = typename tree::LeafManager< SdfTreeT >::LeafRange

Public Member Functions

 DilateKernel (FastSweeping &parent)
 DilateKernel (const DilateKernel &parent)=default
DilateKerneloperator= (const DilateKernel &)=delete
void run (int dilation, NearestNeighbors nn)

Public Attributes

const SdfValueT mBackground
SdfGridT::ConstPtr mSdfGridInput

Detailed Description

template<typename SdfGridT, typename ExtValueT = typename SdfGridT::ValueType>
struct openvdb::v9_0::tools::FastSweeping< SdfGridT, ExtValueT >::DilateKernel

Private class of FastSweeping to perform multi-threaded initialization.

Member Typedef Documentation

using LeafRange = typename tree::LeafManager<SdfTreeT>::LeafRange

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DilateKernel ( FastSweeping parent)
DilateKernel ( const DilateKernel parent)

Member Function Documentation

DilateKernel& operator= ( const DilateKernel )
void run ( int  dilation,
NearestNeighbors  nn 

Member Data Documentation

const SdfValueT mBackground
FastSweeping* mParent
SdfGridT::ConstPtr mSdfGridInput