OpenVDB  9.0.1
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Divergence< UniformScaleTranslateMap, DiffScheme > Struct Template Reference

#include <openvdb/math/Operators.h>

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename Accessor >
static Accessor::ValueType::value_type result (const UniformScaleTranslateMap &map, const Accessor &grid, const Coord &ijk)
template<typename StencilT >
static StencilT::ValueType::value_type result (const UniformScaleTranslateMap &map, const StencilT &stencil)

Detailed Description

template<DScheme DiffScheme>
struct openvdb::v9_0::math::Divergence< UniformScaleTranslateMap, DiffScheme >

Partial template specialization of Divergence uniform scale and translation, any scheme

Member Function Documentation

static Accessor::ValueType::value_type result ( const UniformScaleTranslateMap map,
const Accessor &  grid,
const Coord ijk 
static StencilT::ValueType::value_type result ( const UniformScaleTranslateMap map,
const StencilT &  stencil