OpenVDB  9.0.1
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OpenGridType< openvdb::PointDataIndex32 > Struct Template Reference

Template specialization for the PointDataGrid. More...

#include <nanovdb/util/OpenToNanoVDB.h>

Public Types

using GridT = openvdb::points::PointDataGrid
using TreeT = typename GridT::TreeType
using RootT = typename TreeT::RootNodeType
using UpperT = typename RootT::ChildNodeType
using LowerT = typename UpperT::ChildNodeType
using LeafT = typename LowerT::ChildNodeType
using ValueT = typename LeafT::ValueType

Detailed Description

struct nanovdb::OpenGridType< openvdb::PointDataIndex32 >

Template specialization for the PointDataGrid.

Member Typedef Documentation

using GridT = openvdb::points::PointDataGrid
using LeafT = typename LowerT::ChildNodeType
using LowerT = typename UpperT::ChildNodeType
using RootT = typename TreeT::RootNodeType
using TreeT = typename GridT::TreeType
using UpperT = typename RootT::ChildNodeType
using ValueT = typename LeafT::ValueType