OpenVDB  9.0.1
codegen Directory Reference


file  ComputeGenerator.h [code]
 The core visitor framework for code generation.
file  ConstantFolding.h [code]
 Constant folding for C++ bindings.
file  FunctionRegistry.h [code]
 Contains the global function registration definition which described all available user front end functions.
file  Functions.h [code]
 Contains the function objects that define the functions used in compute function generation, to be inserted into the FunctionRegistry. These define general purpose functions such as math functions.
file  FunctionTypes.h [code]
 Contains frameworks for creating custom AX functions which can be registered within the FunctionRegistry and used during code generation. The intended and safest way to build a function is to use the FunctionBuilder struct with its addSignature methods. Note that the derived Function classes provided can also be subclassed for more granular control, however may be subject to more substantial API changes.
file  PointComputeGenerator.h [code]
 The visitor framework and function definition for point data grid code generation.
file  PointLeafLocalData.h [code]
 Thread/Leaf local data used during execution over OpenVDB Points.
file  String.h [code]
 Provides the class definition for the equivalent IR representation and logic for strings in AX.
file  SymbolTable.h [code]
 Contains the symbol table which holds mappings of variables names to llvm::Values.
file  Types.h [code]
 Consolidated llvm types for most supported types.
file  Utils.h [code]
 Utility code generation methods for performing various llvm operations.
file  VolumeComputeGenerator.h [code]
 The visitor framework and function definition for volume grid code generation.