OpenVDB  9.0.1
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Cpt< InGridT, MaskGridType, InterruptT > Class Template Reference

Compute the closest-point transform of a scalar grid. More...

#include <openvdb/tools/GridOperators.h>

Public Types

typedef InGridT InGridType
typedef ScalarToVectorConverter< InGridT >::Type OutGridType

Public Member Functions

 Cpt (const InGridType &grid, InterruptT *interrupt=nullptr)
 Cpt (const InGridType &grid, const MaskGridType &mask, InterruptT *interrupt=nullptr)
OutGridType::Ptr process (bool threaded=true, bool useWorldTransform=true)

Detailed Description

template<typename InGridT, typename MaskGridType = typename gridop::ToMaskGrid<InGridT>::Type, typename InterruptT = util::NullInterrupter>
class openvdb::v9_0::tools::Cpt< InGridT, MaskGridType, InterruptT >

Compute the closest-point transform of a scalar grid.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef InGridT InGridType
typedef ScalarToVectorConverter<InGridT>::Type OutGridType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Cpt ( const InGridType grid,
InterruptT *  interrupt = nullptr 
Cpt ( const InGridType grid,
const MaskGridType &  mask,
InterruptT *  interrupt = nullptr 

Member Function Documentation

OutGridType::Ptr process ( bool  threaded = true,
bool  useWorldTransform = true