OpenVDB  9.0.1
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ClosestPointProjector< CptGridT > Class Template Reference

#include <openvdb/tools/PointAdvect.h>

Public Types

using CptGridType = CptGridT
using CptAccessor = typename CptGridType::ConstAccessor
using CptValueType = typename CptGridType::ValueType

Public Member Functions

 ClosestPointProjector ()
 ClosestPointProjector (const CptGridType &cptGrid, int n)
 ClosestPointProjector (const ClosestPointProjector &other)
void setConstraintIterations (unsigned int cptIterations)
unsigned int numIterations ()
template<typename LocationType >
void projectToConstraintSurface (LocationType &W) const

Detailed Description

template<typename CptGridT = Vec3fGrid>
class openvdb::v9_0::tools::ClosestPointProjector< CptGridT >

Class that holds a Vec3 grid, to be interpreted as the closest point to a constraint surface. Supports a method to allow a point to be projected onto the closest point on the constraint surface. Uses Caching.

Member Typedef Documentation

using CptAccessor = typename CptGridType::ConstAccessor
using CptGridType = CptGridT
using CptValueType = typename CptGridType::ValueType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ClosestPointProjector ( const CptGridType cptGrid,
int  n 
ClosestPointProjector ( const ClosestPointProjector< CptGridT > &  other)

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int numIterations ( )
void projectToConstraintSurface ( LocationType &  W) const
void setConstraintIterations ( unsigned int  cptIterations)