OpenVDB  9.0.1
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houdini_utils Namespace Reference


class  OpFactory
 Helper class to simplify operator registration. More...
class  OpPolicy
 An OpPolicy customizes the behavior of an OpFactory. This base class specifies the required interface. More...
class  ParmFactory
 Helper class to simplify construction of PRM_Templates and dynamic user interfaces. More...
class  ParmList
 Parameter template list that is always terminated. More...
class  ScopedInputLock
 Helper class to manage input locking. More...


using SpareDataMap = std::map< std::string, std::string >
using OpPolicyPtr = std::shared_ptr< OpPolicy >


const SpareDataMapgetOperatorSpareData (const OP_Operator &)
 Return the spare data associated with the given operator. More...
void addOperatorSpareData (OP_Operator &, const SpareDataMap &)
 Specify (key, value) pairs of spare data for the given operator. More...


OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenuInput1
OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenuInput2
OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenuInput3
OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenuInput4
OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenu

Typedef Documentation

using OpPolicyPtr = std::shared_ptr<OpPolicy>
using SpareDataMap = std::map<std::string, std::string>

Function Documentation

void houdini_utils::addOperatorSpareData ( OP_Operator &  ,
const SpareDataMap  

Specify (key, value) pairs of spare data for the given operator.

For existing keys, the new value replaces the old one.

std::runtime_errorif the given operator does not support spare data (only operators created with OpFactory will have spare data)
See also
getOperatorSpareData, OpFactory::addSpareData
const SpareDataMap& houdini_utils::getOperatorSpareData ( const OP_Operator &  )

Return the spare data associated with the given operator.

Only operators created with OpFactory will have spare data.

See also
addOperatorSpareData, OpFactory::addSpareData

Variable Documentation

OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenu
Use this if you have more than 4 inputs, otherwise use the input specific menus instead which automatically handle the appropriate spare data settings.
OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenuInput1
OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenuInput2
OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenuInput3
OPENVDB_HOUDINI_API const PRM_ChoiceList PrimGroupMenuInput4