OpenVDB  9.0.1
LeafManager< TreeT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for LeafManager< TreeT >, including all inherited members.

activeLeafVoxelCount() const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
auxBufferCount() const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
auxBuffersPerLeaf() const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
BufferType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
DEPTHLeafManager< TreeT >static
foreach(const LeafOp &op, bool threaded=true, size_t grainSize=1)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
getBuffer(size_t leafIdx, size_t bufferIdx) const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
getNodes(ArrayT &array)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
getNodes(ArrayT &array) const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
getPrefixSum(size_t *&offsets, size_t &size, size_t grainSize=1) const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
getRange(size_t grainsize=1) const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
isConstTree() const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
IsConstTreeLeafManager< TreeT >static
leaf(size_t leafIdx) const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
leafCount() const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
LeafIterType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
LeafManager(TreeType &tree, size_t auxBuffersPerLeaf=0, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
LeafManager(TreeType &tree, LeafType **begin, LeafType **end, size_t auxBuffersPerLeaf=0, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
LeafManager(const LeafManager &other)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
LeafNodeType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
leafRange(size_t grainsize=1) const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
LeafType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
NonConstBufferType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
NonConstLeafType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
operator()(const RangeType &r) const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
RangeType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
rebuild(bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
rebuild(size_t auxBuffersPerLeaf, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
rebuild(TreeType &tree, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
rebuild(TreeType &tree, size_t auxBuffersPerLeaf, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
rebuildAuxBuffers(size_t auxBuffersPerLeaf, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
rebuildLeafArray(bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
reduce(LeafOp &op, bool threaded=true, size_t grainSize=1)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
removeAuxBuffers()LeafManager< TreeT >inline
root() const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
root()LeafManager< TreeT >inline
RootNodeType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
swapBuffer(size_t bufferIdx1, size_t bufferIdx2, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
swapLeafBuffer(size_t bufferIdx, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
syncAllBuffers(bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
syncAuxBuffer(size_t bufferIdx, bool serial=false)LeafManager< TreeT >inline
tree() const LeafManager< TreeT >inline
tree()LeafManager< TreeT >inline
TreeType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >
ValueType typedefLeafManager< TreeT >