OpenVDB  8.1.1
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PotentialFlow.h File Reference

Tools for creating potential flow fields through solving Laplace's equation. More...

#include <openvdb/openvdb.h>
#include "GridOperators.h"
#include "GridTransformer.h"
#include "Mask.h"
#include "Morphology.h"
#include "PoissonSolver.h"

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struct  VectorToScalarGrid< VecGridT >
 Metafunction to convert a vector-valued grid type to a scalar grid type. More...
struct  ComputeNeumannVelocityOp< Vec3GridT, GradientT >
struct  SolveBoundaryOp< Vec3GridT, MaskT >




template<typename GridT , typename MaskT = typename GridT::template ValueConverter<ValueMask>::Type>
MaskT::Ptr createPotentialFlowMask (const GridT &grid, int dilation=5)
 Construct a mask for the Potential Flow domain. More...
template<typename Vec3T , typename GridT , typename MaskT >
GridT::template ValueConverter< Vec3T >::Type::Ptr createPotentialFlowNeumannVelocities (const GridT &collider, const MaskT &domain, const typename GridT::template ValueConverter< Vec3T >::Type::ConstPtr boundaryVelocity, const Vec3T &backgroundVelocity)
 Create a Potential Flow velocities grid for the Neumann boundary. More...
template<typename Vec3GridT , typename MaskT , typename InterrupterT = util::NullInterrupter>
VectorToScalarGrid< Vec3GridT >::Ptr computeScalarPotential (const MaskT &domain, const Vec3GridT &neumann, math::pcg::State &state, InterrupterT *interrupter=nullptr)
 Compute the Potential on the domain using the Neumann boundary conditions on solid boundaries. More...
template<typename Vec3GridT >
Vec3GridT::Ptr computePotentialFlow (const typename VectorToScalarGrid< Vec3GridT >::Type &potential, const Vec3GridT &neumann, const typename Vec3GridT::ValueType backgroundVelocity=zeroVal< typename Vec3GridT::TreeType::ValueType >())
 Compute a vector Flow Field comprising the gradient of the potential with Neumann boundary conditions applied. More...

Detailed Description

Tools for creating potential flow fields through solving Laplace's equation.

Todd Keeler, Dan Bailey