OpenVDB  8.1.1
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MergeVoxelRegions< InputGridType > Struct Template Reference

#include <VolumeToMesh.h>

Public Types

using InputTreeType = typename InputGridType::TreeType
using InputLeafNodeType = typename InputTreeType::LeafNodeType
using InputValueType = typename InputLeafNodeType::ValueType
using FloatTreeType = typename InputTreeType::template ValueConverter< float >::Type
using FloatLeafNodeType = typename FloatTreeType::LeafNodeType
using FloatGridType = Grid< FloatTreeType >
using Int16TreeType = typename InputTreeType::template ValueConverter< Int16 >::Type
using Int16LeafNodeType = typename Int16TreeType::LeafNodeType
using Index32TreeType = typename InputTreeType::template ValueConverter< Index32 >::Type
using Index32LeafNodeType = typename Index32TreeType::LeafNodeType
using BoolTreeType = typename InputTreeType::template ValueConverter< bool >::Type
using BoolLeafNodeType = typename BoolTreeType::LeafNodeType

Public Member Functions

 MergeVoxelRegions (const InputGridType &inputGrid, const Index32TreeType &pointIndexTree, const std::vector< Index32LeafNodeType * > &pointIndexLeafNodes, const std::vector< Int16LeafNodeType * > &signFlagsLeafNodes, InputValueType iso, float adaptivity, bool invertSurfaceOrientation)
void setSpatialAdaptivity (const FloatGridType &grid)
void setAdaptivityMask (const BoolTreeType &mask)
void setRefSignFlagsData (const Int16TreeType &signFlagsData, float internalAdaptivity)
void operator() (const tbb::blocked_range< size_t > &) const

Member Typedef Documentation

using BoolLeafNodeType = typename BoolTreeType::LeafNodeType
using BoolTreeType = typename InputTreeType::template ValueConverter<bool>::Type
using FloatLeafNodeType = typename FloatTreeType::LeafNodeType
using FloatTreeType = typename InputTreeType::template ValueConverter<float>::Type
using Index32LeafNodeType = typename Index32TreeType::LeafNodeType
using Index32TreeType = typename InputTreeType::template ValueConverter<Index32>::Type
using InputLeafNodeType = typename InputTreeType::LeafNodeType
using InputTreeType = typename InputGridType::TreeType
using InputValueType = typename InputLeafNodeType::ValueType
using Int16LeafNodeType = typename Int16TreeType::LeafNodeType
using Int16TreeType = typename InputTreeType::template ValueConverter<Int16>::Type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MergeVoxelRegions ( const InputGridType &  inputGrid,
const Index32TreeType pointIndexTree,
const std::vector< Index32LeafNodeType * > &  pointIndexLeafNodes,
const std::vector< Int16LeafNodeType * > &  signFlagsLeafNodes,
InputValueType  iso,
float  adaptivity,
bool  invertSurfaceOrientation 

Member Function Documentation

void operator() ( const tbb::blocked_range< size_t > &  range) const
void setAdaptivityMask ( const BoolTreeType mask)
void setRefSignFlagsData ( const Int16TreeType signFlagsData,
float  internalAdaptivity 
void setSpatialAdaptivity ( const FloatGridType grid)

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