OpenVDB  8.1.1
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GridOrTreeConstructor< TreeType > Struct Template Reference

#include <LevelSetUtil.h>

Public Types

using TreeTypePtr = typename TreeType::Ptr
using BoolTreePtrType = typename TreeType::template ValueConverter< bool >::Type::Ptr

Static Public Member Functions

static BoolTreePtrType constructMask (const TreeType &, BoolTreePtrType &maskTree)
static TreeTypePtr construct (const TreeType &, TreeTypePtr &tree)

Member Typedef Documentation

using BoolTreePtrType = typename TreeType::template ValueConverter<bool>::Type::Ptr
using TreeTypePtr = typename TreeType::Ptr

Member Function Documentation

static TreeTypePtr construct ( const TreeType &  ,
TreeTypePtr tree 
static BoolTreePtrType constructMask ( const TreeType &  ,
BoolTreePtrType maskTree 

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