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PointIndexFilter< PointArray, TreeType > Struct Template Reference

#include <PointIndexGrid.h>

Public Types

using PosType = typename PointArray::PosType
using ScalarType = typename PosType::value_type
using ConstAccessor = tree::ValueAccessor< const TreeType >

Public Member Functions

 PointIndexFilter (const PointArray &points, const TreeType &tree, const math::Transform &xform)
 Constructor. More...
 PointIndexFilter (const PointIndexFilter &rhs)
 Thread safe copy constructor. More...
template<typename FilterType >
void searchAndApply (const PosType &center, ScalarType radius, FilterType &op)
 Perform a radial search query and apply the given filter operator to the selected points. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

using ConstAccessor = tree::ValueAccessor<const TreeType>
using PosType = typename PointArray::PosType
using ScalarType = typename PosType::value_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PointIndexFilter ( const PointArray points,
const TreeType &  tree,
const math::Transform xform 


pointsworld-space point array conforming to the PointArray interface
treea point index tree
xformlinear, uniform-scale transform (i.e., cubical voxels)
PointIndexFilter ( const PointIndexFilter< PointArray, TreeType > &  rhs)

Thread safe copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

void searchAndApply ( const PosType center,
ScalarType  radius,
FilterType op 

Perform a radial search query and apply the given filter operator to the selected points.

centerworld-space center
radiusworld-space radius
opcustom filter operator (see the FilterType example for interface details)

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