OpenVDB  8.1.1
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PointDataNodeChain< tree::InternalNode< ChildT, Log2Dim >, HeadLevel > Struct Template Reference

#include <PointDataGrid.h>

Public Types

using SubtreeT = typename PointDataNodeChain< ChildT, HeadLevel-1 >::Type
using InternalNodeT = tree::InternalNode< typename SubtreeT::Back, Log2Dim >
using Type = typename SubtreeT::template Append< InternalNodeT >

Member Typedef Documentation

using InternalNodeT = tree::InternalNode<typename SubtreeT::Back, Log2Dim>
using SubtreeT = typename PointDataNodeChain<ChildT, HeadLevel-1>::Type
using Type = typename SubtreeT::template Append<InternalNodeT>

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