OpenVDB  8.1.1
Ray< RealT >::TimeSpan Member List

This is the complete list of members for Ray< RealT >::TimeSpan, including all inherited members.

get(RealT &_t0, RealT &_t1) const Ray< RealT >::TimeSpaninline
mid() const Ray< RealT >::TimeSpaninline
scale(RealT s)Ray< RealT >::TimeSpaninline
set(RealT _t0, RealT _t1)Ray< RealT >::TimeSpaninline
t0Ray< RealT >::TimeSpan
t1Ray< RealT >::TimeSpan
test(RealT t) const Ray< RealT >::TimeSpaninline
TimeSpan()Ray< RealT >::TimeSpaninline
TimeSpan(RealT _t0, RealT _t1)Ray< RealT >::TimeSpaninline
valid(RealT eps=math::Delta< RealT >::value()) const Ray< RealT >::TimeSpaninline