OpenVDB  8.1.1
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openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal Namespace Reference


struct  AddNodes
class  CombineLeafNodes
struct  ComputeIntersectingVoxelSign
class  ComputeNodeConnectivity
struct  ConstructVoxelMask
struct  DiffLeafNodeMask
struct  ExpandNarrowband
struct  FillArray
struct  InactivateValues
struct  LeafNodeConnectivityTable
struct  MinCombine
struct  OffsetValues
struct  ReleaseChildNodes
struct  RemoveSelfIntersectingSurface
struct  Renormalize
struct  RestoreOrigin
class  SeedFillExteriorSign
class  SeedPoints
struct  StashOriginAndStoreOffset
struct  StealUniqueLeafNodes
class  SweepExteriorSign
class  SyncVoxelMask
struct  Tolerance
struct  TransformPoints
struct  TransformValues
struct  UnionValueMasks
struct  ValidateIntersectingVoxels
struct  VoxelizationData
 TBB body object to voxelize a mesh of triangles and/or quads into a collection of VDB grids, namely a squared distance grid, a closest primitive grid and an intersecting voxels grid (masks the mesh intersecting voxels) More...
class  VoxelizePolygons


template<typename LeafNodeType >
void seedFill (LeafNodeType &node)
template<typename LeafNodeType >
bool scanFill (LeafNodeType &node)
template<typename ValueType >
void fillArray (ValueType *array, const ValueType val, const size_t length)
template<typename LeafNodeType >
void maskNodeInternalNeighbours (const Index pos, bool(&mask)[26])
template<typename Compare , typename LeafNodeType >
bool checkNeighbours (const Index pos, const typename LeafNodeType::ValueType *data, bool(&mask)[26])
template<typename Compare , typename AccessorType >
bool checkNeighbours (const Coord &ijk, AccessorType &acc, bool(&mask)[26])
template<typename TreeType >
void releaseLeafNodes (TreeType &tree)
template<typename DistTreeType , typename IndexTreeType >
void combineData (DistTreeType &lhsDist, IndexTreeType &lhsIdx, DistTreeType &rhsDist, IndexTreeType &rhsIdx)
template<typename TreeType , typename Int32TreeType , typename BoolTreeType , typename MeshDataAdapter >
void expandNarrowband (TreeType &distTree, Int32TreeType &indexTree, BoolTreeType &maskTree, std::vector< typename BoolTreeType::LeafNodeType * > &maskNodes, const MeshDataAdapter &mesh, typename TreeType::ValueType exteriorBandWidth, typename TreeType::ValueType interiorBandWidth, typename TreeType::ValueType voxelSize)

Function Documentation

bool openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::checkNeighbours ( const Index  pos,
const typename LeafNodeType::ValueType *  data,
bool(&)  mask[26] 
bool openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::checkNeighbours ( const Coord &  ijk,
AccessorType &  acc,
bool(&)  mask[26] 
void openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::combineData ( DistTreeType &  lhsDist,
IndexTreeType &  lhsIdx,
DistTreeType &  rhsDist,
IndexTreeType &  rhsIdx 
void openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::expandNarrowband ( TreeType &  distTree,
Int32TreeType &  indexTree,
BoolTreeType &  maskTree,
std::vector< typename BoolTreeType::LeafNodeType * > &  maskNodes,
const MeshDataAdapter mesh,
typename TreeType::ValueType  exteriorBandWidth,
typename TreeType::ValueType  interiorBandWidth,
typename TreeType::ValueType  voxelSize 
void openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::fillArray ( ValueType *  array,
const ValueType  val,
const size_t  length 
void openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::maskNodeInternalNeighbours ( const Index  pos,
bool(&)  mask[26] 
void openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::releaseLeafNodes ( TreeType &  tree)
bool openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::scanFill ( LeafNodeType &  node)
void openvdb::v8_1::tools::mesh_to_volume_internal::seedFill ( LeafNodeType &  node)