OpenVDB  8.1.1
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EnrightField< ScalarT > Class Template Reference

Analytical, divergence-free and periodic velocity field. More...

#include <VelocityFields.h>

Public Types

typedef ScalarT ValueType
typedef math::Vec3< ScalarT > VectorType

Public Member Functions

 EnrightField ()
math::Transform transform () const
VectorType operator() (const Vec3d &xyz, ValueType time) const
VectorType operator() (const Coord &ijk, ValueType time) const

Detailed Description

template<typename ScalarT = float>
class openvdb::v8_1::tools::EnrightField< ScalarT >

Analytical, divergence-free and periodic velocity field.

Primarily intended for debugging!
This analytical velocity only produce meaningful values in the unit box in world space. In other words make sure any level set surface is fully enclosed in the axis aligned bounding box spanning 0->1 in world units.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ScalarT ValueType
typedef math::Vec3<ScalarT> VectorType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

EnrightField ( )

Member Function Documentation

math::Vec3< ScalarT > operator() ( const Vec3d &  xyz,
ValueType  time 
) const
the velocity in world units, evaluated at the world position xyz and at the specified time
VectorType operator() ( const Coord &  ijk,
ValueType  time 
) const
the velocity at the coordinate space position ijk
math::Transform transform ( ) const
const reference to the identity transform between world and index space
Use this method to determine if a client grid is aligned with the coordinate space of this velocity field

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