OpenVDB  8.1.1
Mat3< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Mat3< T >, including all inherited members.

absMax() constMat< 3, T >inline
adjoint() const Mat3< T >inline
asPointer()Mat< 3, T >inline
asPointer() constMat< 3, T >inline
cofactor() const Mat3< T >inline
col(int j) const Mat3< T >inline
det() const Mat3< T >inline
eq(const Mat3 &m, T eps=1.0e-8) const Mat3< T >inline
identity()Mat3< T >inlinestatic
inverse(T tolerance=0) const Mat3< T >inline
isFinite() constMat< 3, T >inline
isInfinite() constMat< 3, T >inline
isNan() constMat< 3, T >inline
isZero() constMat< 3, T >inline
Mat()=defaultMat< 3, T >
Mat3()=defaultMat3< T >
Mat3(const Quat< T > &q)Mat3< T >inline
Mat3(Source a, Source b, Source c, Source d, Source e, Source f, Source g, Source h, Source i)Mat3< T >inline
Mat3(const Vec3< Source > &v1, const Vec3< Source > &v2, const Vec3< Source > &v3, bool rows=true)Mat3< T >inline
Mat3(Source *a)Mat3< T >inline
Mat3(const Mat3< Source > &m)Mat3< T >inlineexplicit
Mat3(const Mat4< T > &m)Mat3< T >inlineexplicit
mmMat< 3, T >protected
MyBase typedefMat3< T >
numColumns()Mat< 3, T >inlinestatic
numElements()Mat< 3, T >inlinestatic
numRows()Mat< 3, T >inlinestatic
operator!=(const Mat3< T0 > &m0, const Mat3< T1 > &m1)Mat3< T >related
operator()(int i, int j)Mat3< T >inline
operator()(int i, int j) const Mat3< T >inline
operator*(S scalar, const Mat3< T > &m)Mat3< T >related
operator*(const Mat3< T > &m, S scalar)Mat3< T >related
operator*(const Mat3< MT > &_m, const Vec3< T > &_v)Mat3< T >related
operator*(const Vec3< T > &_v, const Mat3< MT > &_m)Mat3< T >related
operator*=(S scalar)Mat3< T >inline
operator*=(const Mat3< S > &m1)Mat3< T >inline
operator*=(Vec3< T > &_v, const Mat3< MT > &_m)Mat3< T >related
operator+(const Mat3< T0 > &m0, const Mat3< T1 > &m1)Mat3< T >related
operator+=(const Mat3< S > &m1)Mat3< T >inline
operator-() const Mat3< T >inline
operator-(const Mat3< T0 > &m0, const Mat3< T1 > &m1)Mat3< T >related
operator-=(const Mat3< S > &m1)Mat3< T >inline
operator=(const Mat3< Source > &m)Mat3< T >inline
operator==(const Mat3< T0 > &m0, const Mat3< T1 > &m1)Mat3< T >related
operator[](int i)Mat< 3, T >inline
operator[](int i) constMat< 3, T >inline
pretransform(const Vec3< T0 > &v) const Mat3< T >inline
read(std::istream &is)Mat< 3, T >inline
row(int i) const Mat3< T >inline
setCol(int j, const Vec3< T > &v)Mat3< T >inline
setColumns(const Vec3< T > &v1, const Vec3< T > &v2, const Vec3< T > &v3)Mat3< T >inline
setIdentity()Mat3< T >inline
setRow(int i, const Vec3< T > &v)Mat3< T >inline
setRows(const Vec3< T > &v1, const Vec3< T > &v2, const Vec3< T > &v3)Mat3< T >inline
setSkew(const Vec3< T > &v)Mat3< T >inline
setSymmetric(const Vec3< T > &vdiag, const Vec3< T > &vtri)Mat3< T >inline
setToRotation(const Quat< T > &q)Mat3< T >inline
setToRotation(const Vec3< T > &axis, T angle)Mat3< T >inline
setZero()Mat3< T >inline
size enum valueMat< 3, T >
SIZE_ enum nameMat< 3, T >
snapBasis(Axis axis, const Vec3< T > &direction)Mat3< T >inline
str(unsigned indentation=0) constMat< 3, T >inline
symmetric(const Vec3< T > &vdiag, const Vec3< T > &vtri)Mat3< T >inlinestatic
timesDiagonal(const Vec3< T > &diag) const Mat3< T >inline
trace() const Mat3< T >inline
transform(const Vec3< T0 > &v) const Mat3< T >inline
transpose() const Mat3< T >inline
value_type typedefMat3< T >
ValueType typedefMat3< T >
write(std::ostream &os) constMat< 3, T >inline
zero()Mat3< T >inlinestatic